Gary L. Veale, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, is an Established Nurse Educator at California State University San Marcos School of Nursing in San Marcos, California

Gary L. Veale, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, is a well-versed Nurse Educator who currently serves as Adjunct Nursing Faculty member at California State University San Marcos School of Nursing in San Marcos, California, which he joined in 2013. Gary has an impressive professional journey spanning thirty-eight years and his areas of clinical expertise cover critical care, intensive care, medical, surgical, cardiovascular, and coronary nursing, ambulatory care, pharmacology/physiology, electrophysiology, interventional radiology, acute care hemodialysis nursing. Furthermore, Gary is the Manager of Cardiovascular Outcome Solutions at the University of California San Diego Medical Center in San Diego, California, and his responsibilities include compiling and submitting data on interventional cardiology procedures and vascular interventions, as well as assisting with training of new staff in the cardiac cath lab. Gary is motivated at the start of each day by his aspiring students. He finds teaching them to be invigorating and he loves their enthusiasm to learn. “I have always seen my patients as relatives. I provided assistance in their meeting their daily health care needs. I envision myself as meeting their energy needs for self-care so that they can use that energy to heal themselves. I view nursing as an adjunct to the patients’ health care needs so that they can have a functional life”, says Gary about how he made a difference in the lives of his patients. In addition to his teaching position, his research interests include high-fidelity simulation education, the use of capnography with patients receiving conscious sedation, and open-book testing as an active learning tool in nursing education. For more information about Gary L. Veale, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, please visit http://inanurse.org/network/index.php?do=/4127653/info/.

Gary L. Veale, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, attended Grossmont College in El Cajun, California, and was awarded his Associate degree in Nursing in 1979. His credentials include his Bachelor degree of Science in Nursing (2011) and his Master degree of Science in Nursing with a focus on Nursing Education from Chamberlain College of Nursing (2013). Gary remains at the forefront of his challenging field via memberships and affiliations with prestigious professional societies and associations, such as the American Nurses Association, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses, and the National League for Nursing. As a result of his outstanding performance in the field of nursing, The International Nurses Association (INA) has selected Gary L. Veale, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, to be featured in the premier publication of The Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. His personal and professional experiences have enriched her nursing practice, inviting compassionate, empathetic care. He feels that his success is attributable primarily to having always enjoyed caring for his patients. “I love the nursing profession and am passionate about safe, quality, evidenced-based patient care. I had to give up patient care after obtaining significant damage to both of my rotator-cuffs. I presently facilitate the education of future nurses at California State University San Marcos, both in the clinical arena and in theory”, Gary says. “I became enamored with patient care when I was a medical corpsman in the US Army for a little over 3 years. After my discharge, I made the decision to stay in health care and went to college to get a nursing degree”, states Gary about what made him choose a career in nursing. He dedicates his spare time to playing golf, reading science fiction and nursing publications, and bicycling. For more information about Gary L. Veale, RN, BSN, MSN/Ed, please visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-veale-534925a.